Should energy drinks be banned

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Home Schooling Should Be Banned

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Energy drinks 'should be banned' for under-16s

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Should energy drinks be banned in school?

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When answering the question of whether or not something should be banned, we must look at the what is being lost in the world of the stakeholders while that action or thing is still being permitted. A drink with electrolytes replaces essential minerals after a heavy-duty sweat session.

An intense workout is one reason you might need an electrolyte drink, but you may also need one after losing a lot of fluids during an illness or on a particularly hot and humid day.

Oct 09,  · The multi-billion dollar phenomenon of energy drinks has captured the attention of scientists and nutritionists across the country. One of the main reasons is taurine, a common ingredient found in the caffeine and sugar-laden concoctions.

Ban sale of energy drinks to under-16s, say experts

Taurine is a. High-caffeine canned energy drinks are being sold in supermarkets despite a ban, a BBC investigation has found. Sales of the drinks to children under 16 have been voluntarily banned by most major. Energy Drink Ban: Should Children Be Restricted From Buying? A ban on the sale of energy drinks to minors in the USA is becoming more likely as more reports surface of their potential dangers to this age group.

Emergency room visits as well as reports to Poison Control Centers are all on the increase and now the government seems to be taking notice more than ever. Supermarkets in the UK have banned sales of Energy Drinks to those under Any drink with more than mg per liter of caffeine must require proof of age before purchase (bbc).

Caffeine Safety is Important.

Should energy drinks be banned
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