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Refee is a professional manufacturer for indoor advertising display/digital signage in China from inch screen advertising solutions for shopping mall,hotel, cosmetic,pop display,vending machine,design/software advantage is customing products/solutions.

Kiosk Innovations is a self service interactive kiosk manufacturer in the USA. We design and fabricate bill pay financial kiosk, retail kiosk, check-in kiosk, ticketing kiosk, HR kiosk, information kiosk, healthcare kiosk, vending kiosk and more.

mirabyte offers innovative software solutions that cover digital signage, interactive kiosk systems and graphical (touchscreen) user interfaces.

Kiosk Software is the core of your self-service application. With 30 years in the kiosk industry, DynaTouch provides the best kiosk software available.

Understanding what makes a self-service solution successful is an important step when considering the purchase of interactive kiosks and digital signage. From the software to hardware, industry to use case, and investment to ROI, we’ve outlined the information needed to make the leap into self-service solutions.

Self service kiosk software digital
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