Phobic disorders

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phobic disorder

Trypanophobia, or the fear of needles, affects an estimated 10 percent of Americans, yet it wasn't recognized as a specific phobia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), the manual clinicians use to diagnose mental health disorders, until the 4th edition (DSM-IV).

This disorder is generally referred to simply as “needle phobia” by the general public but it's specific to. Phobic disorders (phobias) is a persistent, irrational fears and avoidance of the situations or objects that induce these fears. Phobic's symptoms, causes, prevention, diagnosis and remedies have been also presented in this page.

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.

What Are Phobic Disorders?

The phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months. The affected person goes to great lengths to avoid the situation or object, to a degree greater than the actual danger posed.

If the feared object or situation cannot be avoided, the affected. ABSTRACT. Anxiety and stress-related disorders are severe psychiatric conditions that affect performance in daily tasks and represent a high cost to public health.

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Phobic disorders
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