Muntz metal

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C Muntz Metal, also known as 60/40, is copper alloyed with zinc. C Muntz is most commonly found in sheet and plate form. Cu Zn40 is considered a duplex alpha-plus-beta brass and has excellent hot-working properties but is less corrosion resistant than C Naval Brass. Muntz metal is a form of alpha-beta brass with about 60% copper, 40% zinc and a trace of iron.

It is named after George Fredrick Muntz, a metal-roller of Birmingham, England, who commercialised the alloy following his patent of Known both as Muntz Metal and Yellow Metal, the alloy must be worked hot and is used today for corrosion resistant machine parts.

Muntz Metal

Muntz metal is a copper alloy made using primarily copper (60%), zinc (40%), and traces of iron. As a copper-zinc alloy, it falls under the brasses, and is used by designers seeking an alloy that exhibits a grey-yellow tone for interiors.

We are one of the largest polishers and suppliers of architectural and ornamental metal in the country.

We serve the Elevator, Escalator, Entrance Door, Railing, Column Cover, Curtain wall, Automotive, Furniture, Display, Exhibit, Appliance, and High Tech Industries. C Leaded Muntz is copper, alloyed with zinc, tin and lead. Muntz metal has strength and corrosion resistance similar to C Naval Brass but the higher lead content results in better machinability.

Muntz metal
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