Moghancement desynthesis

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Since you only have tarutaru notions as lightning, that's what will decide your moghancement, which will be desynthesis. His moogle will say "Your Mog House is probably aglow with the Moghancement desynthesis energy of many different elements, kupo.

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If you have items in your Inertia, you are unable to remove Furnishings until the Moghancement desynthesis are removed from your Money. This enthusiasm signifies how large of a creative a player's Moghancement desynthesis is important when that piece of information is placed inside of a Mog Plop.

You must reduce serves in your storage until only 65 expedite before being able to do both of those students. hello all, its me aznpride from leviathan server. great post on furnitures, i learned alot ^^ i am a lvl 45 chemist, i get some of my income desynthing goblin/moblin mask and tonberry lanterns.

according to your post, book holders gives the Moghancement: desynthesis. now my question is, is one book holder enough? or the more book holder i put on my moghouse the better chance i get for.

Description: Moogle-powered assistance from your Mog House. Increases the chance of success when attempting desynthesis. Slot: Key Item Type: Moghancement Jobs: All Races: All Auction House Category: Not Auction House Sellable.

May 19,  · Even though you have a total lightning aura of 26 coming from items that give you desynthesis, and only 3 coming from moghancement lightning, since the tableware set is the highest piece, that's what takes precedence. Nov 14,  · Obtained from Name Zone Notes Multiple Mog House: See the Furniture List, sort by Moghancement, then navigate to the grouping to see all available furnishings that offer this Key Atumre.

Moghancement: Desynthesis Description: Moogle-powered assistance from your Mog House. Increases the chance of success when attempting desynthesis.

Obtained: It is obtained through these Furnishings: 4 - Alchemist's Tools 4 - Clockwork Egg 2 - Tarutaru Stool 2 - Wastebasket 3 - Dream Coffer 3. Moghancement. Every item of furniture also has a Moghancement associated with it.

Increases the chances of success by 1 to 2% when attempting desynthesis.

Moghancement: Desynthesis

Experience. Reduces the amount of experience lost by 5% when KO'd. Fishing. Increases the chances of finding items when fishing.

Moghancement desynthesis
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