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7 things I learned working in corporate America

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Corporate America Continues Use of Financial Gun Control

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Why Top Women Are Disappearing From Corporate America

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While my time working a full-time job is slowly drawing to a close, I will never forget the lessons I learned meandering my way through the “grind”. The fact is corporate America was not what I had expected it to be coming out of college.

In some ways, it was better, but in others, not so much. "Corporate America: A Novel" by Jack Dougherty is a clever and entertaining satire on the corporate business world. Dougherty has brilliantly chosen an unlikely hero, Francis, to succeed in this world with its own rules and battles.

Francis is an aspiring writer with a controversial pen and an equally loose mouth/5(48).

Corporate America

The in-house bar association for professional corporate counsel who practice in legal departments globally. ACC, a membership organization, provides resources, news, educational programs and events (CLE), a job search database, and law advocacy sources.

A Fortune company with more than 19, employees across the globe, making a difference for our customers, communities and shareholders.

Corporate america
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