Anterior odontoid screw osteosynthesis

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Odontoid Fracture (Adult and Pediatric)

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Dens or Odontoid Fractures

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Dens or Odontoid Fractures

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Odontoid fractures are fractures of dens or odontoid process of axis vertebra or C2. Dens is a strong, tooth-like process projecting upwards from the body of axis. Hintergrund Etwa 30 % aller Verletzungen der Halswirbelsäule betreffen Atlas und Axis.

Frakturen kommen vorwiegend bei älteren Patienten vor, während ligamentäre Verletzungen öfter in jüngeren. Odontoid fractures are fractures of dens or odontoid process of axis vertebra or C2. Dens is a strong, tooth-like process projecting upwards from the body of axis.

Fractures of the axis and atlas are most often encountered in children and in those aged > The osseoligamentous complex that protects the upper cervical spine is anatomically and functionally distinct from those of the subaxial cervical spine.

(OBQ) A year-old female is involved in a motor vehicle accident in which she is rear-ended in slow moving traffic at less than 5MPH.

She presents to the ER complaining of localized neck pain and stiffness. On physical exam she has paraspinal tenderness in the cervical region.

Anterior odontoid screw osteosynthesis
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