A robotics project

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5 Impressive Robotics Projects You Don’t Want to Miss

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World’s Top 20 Robotics Project Ideas

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Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group

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Since its founding inthe Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University has been leading the world in robotics research and education. The Robotics Institute offers Doctoral and Master's Degrees in robotics, industrial automation and computer vision utilizing advanced artificial intelligence.

REELER is a highly interdisciplinary Hproject involving 4 European partners from the fields of anthropology, learning, robotics, philosophy, and economy. Enrollment is now open for summer robotics camps and our community club programs.

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Community Robotics Clubs. Our clubs are open to students Grades 1 and up with an interest in furthering their knowledge of robotics and building teamwork and social skills.

Enrollment is now open for summer robotics camps and our community club programs. Community Robotics Clubs.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group

Our clubs are open to students Grades 1 and up with an interest in furthering their knowledge of robotics and building teamwork and social skills.

Bossa Nova is the leading developer of robots designed to provide real-time inventory data for the global retail industry. INBOTS brings together experts from diff­erent disciplines involved in the understanding and acceptance of Interactive Robotics, promoting the collaboration between four pillars and six areas of expertise (technical, legal, business, socioeconomic, standardization, etc).

A robotics project
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